''nerv'' drops new single for ''fake''

Nerv is currently finishing up recording sessions for their upcoming EP, collaborating with producer Matt Good (known for his work with Asking Alexandria and Escape the Fate). 

The band has been taking an earnest and genuine approach to hard-rock darkness over the past few years, accumulating millions of streams in the process. They continue this trend with their latest single, albeit under the irony-laden title of "FAKE!"

Nerv's music is characterized by heavy guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and lyrics that often delve into themes of personal struggle and authenticity. They have a reputation for delivering high-energy performances that resonate with audiences who appreciate both the intensity and sincerity of their music.

Nerv has released several singles and EPs that have garnered significant attention. One of their most talked-about singles is "FAKE!", which showcases their ability to blend hard-hitting instrumentals with thought-provoking lyrics.

"FAKE!": This track is notable for its critique of inauthenticity, both in personal relationships and in broader societal contexts. It features aggressive guitar work and a dynamic vocal performance that underscores the band's commitment to addressing real, sometimes uncomfortable, themes.

Watch video below: