founding members of FEVER 333 have introduced their latest project, ''House Of Protection''

House Of Protection has unveiled their debut single, "It’s Supposed To Hurt," produced by Jordan Fish. Eighteen months after departing from FEVER 333, Aric Improta and Stephen Harrison reunite to launch a fresh musical venture together. Their collaboration, House Of Protection, derives its name from a desire to foster an environment that safeguards their artistic vision and embraces their audience. Joined by former Bring Me The Horizon member Jordan Fish, they entrust him with production duties for their inaugural single, "It’s Supposed To Hurt," a track that marks their initial creative endeavor as a duo.

------ “Some of the vocals were from our initial improvisations,” explain Aric and Stephen. “When we started this, we had no idea how we would sound or where we wanted to take it. Neither of us had sung before, we just knew the energy we wanted to create sonically and that we’d put in whatever time it took to get it to feel right. Fortunately, this song answered a lot of those questions instantly.” 

FEVER 333, is known for their high-energy performances and socially conscious lyrics. Formed in 2017, Their music blends elements of punk rock, hip-hop, and metal, creating a dynamic and politically charged sound. FEVER 333 is recognized for addressing issues of race, politics, and social justice in their music, often advocating for change and activism. They gained attention for their intense live shows and have released several well-received albums and EPs.

Watch new video below: