rockville: mudvayne plays first u.s 2024 concert

Mudvayne rocked the Nu-metal classics at Welcome to Rockville yesterday (May 9th), making it their first U.S. show of 2024. Despite earlier hints from frontman Chad Gray about new music in the works, their daytime performance in Daytona Beach, Florida, showcased a nostalgic array of hits spanning their career. From the 2007 single "Dull Boy" to tracks like "Not Falling" and "World So Cold" from The End of All Things to Come album, they delivered a set that delighted fans. And, of course, they couldn't close without playing "Dig."

As previously announced, Mudvayne will soon hit the road for Megadeth's extensive "Destroy All Enemies" tour this summer. The two-month journey will see them crisscrossing the U.S. alongside All That Remains.

The Nu-metal band that gained prominence in the early 2000s, particularly during the Nu-metal era. Formed in 1996 in Peoria, Illinois, the band consists of lead vocalist Chad Gray, guitarist Greg Tribbett, bassist Ryan Martinie, and drummer Matt McDonough. Known for their aggressive musical style, complex rhythms, and visually striking stage presence (often characterized by elaborate makeup and costumes), Mudvayne achieved commercial success with albums like "L.D. 50" and "The End of All Things to Come." They are celebrated for tracks such as "Dig," "Happy?," and "Fall into Sleep."

Watch full concert below: