Pressive was formed in 2005, in the city of Mexico, their distinctive sound that blends synthesizers and aggressive guitar riffs with enveloping melodies and impactful lyrics. Throughout their career, they have released 2 albums, 2 EPs, and over 10 singles, accumulating nearly 1 million streams on Spotify. With a global presence, Pressive has taken their music to over 20 countries, including the United States, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Switzerland, among others. The band ability to connect with audiences from different cultures through their intense energy it's been an authentic artistic expression. Additionally, they have shared the stage with bands like Korn, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Black Veil Brides, Limp Bizkit, Kiss, and more.

We at WDHN had the amazing opportunity to sit down with frontman singer "Charly Felix from ''Pressive" the NU-METAL band that's taking Mexico by storm. Their new single video for "The Hate Effect" was just released few days ago. Here's what the band shared with us about their journey, their music, and what's next on the horizon.

WDHN:  What inspired you guys to make a band?  ------- " Charly said---- "At first it was just a couple of dudes that were in love with music, we grew up in the 90s listening to bands like linkin park and deftones. With time we picked up instruments and just started rocking on, writing songs and trying to get our band in as many gigs as possible. With time it became more serious and we started dedicating more to the project, to this day we have the same love for music and are still pursuing for our music to reach as many people as possible.

WDHN:  How would you describe your sound in three words? ------ "Aggressive, melodic and dramatic."

WDHN:  What’s been the most memorable moment in your band’s journey so far? ------ "it’s been every moment this project has taken us to new places. We all love to travel and music has made that possible for us, getting to know the world is something that doesn’t come easy and we’re happy we’ve been able to take our music to so many different countries. "

WDHN:  Who are your biggest musical influences? ------"korn, linkin park, bring me the horizon, deftones, limp bizkit."

WDHN:  What can fans expect from your upcoming projects? ------ " We’re currently working on music in Spanish and English. We will be releasing a full EP with rap collaborations, mixing the 2 worlds together. Also we’re working on a full album that will be released by fall (Universal Brazil) completely in English. The name of this álbum is “The Hate & Love Effect"🔥

Watch new video below: